Whether you are fun diving, learning to dive or taking your diving qualifications a step further, we are committed to give you the best possible experience. learners and experienced divers alike will feel well looked after in the experienced hands of our welcoming team of PADI instructors and guides.

With over 50 local dive sites that we can reach with our boat, Hurghada offers a phenomenal choice of the best diving the Red sea has to offer. There are lots of good reasons to visit Hurghada – crystal clear water, great underwater attractions, amazing fish life, easy access, great facilities and friendly, highly-experienced staff whose sole aim is to ensure you have a fantastic day and top education, above and below the surface. We take pride in taking our time during the courses and not just doing the bear minimum like some centers (money factories).

Type of dive sites

Drift dives, just jump in, adjust your buoyancy, and… just relax. Move with the waters along the reef walls, enjoy spectacular views of sea inhabitants, breath in, breath out

Coral walls & gardens are as the name says beautiful spots you can dive along and see the reefs inhabitants and vegetation.

Wrecks are sunken boats, or other things that crashed into the sea. We have 2 close by that are easy to visit.

There is a cool chimneys at 25m close by where you swim through.

Cavern & Caves can be exciting but dangerous. We have 2 that are easily accessed and low risk at 12m or 30m.

In total we have 28 sites close by (< 2h boat ride) and 20 sites farther away (3-5h boat ride).

What you can see

Fish like Napoleons, snappers, groupers, barracudas, sweetlips, parrot, trigger or angel fish, etc.

  • Dolphins
  • Turtles
  • Mantas
  • Cleaning stations
  • Octopuses
  • rarely sharks

Weather conditions

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